August 11, 2006

The heathrow Islamic bomb plot

The number of arrests is up to 24, and there are also two people that have been arested in Pakistan in relation to this plot. There are reports that the police have found a suicide video from one of the suspects, so it looks like this was genuine Islamic Terrorism and not just willy waving by the security services to build up Fear. That might not be enough to satisfy Muslim leaders, with all their implied threats, but it is enough for me at present. So what could be behind it?

It wasn't about youth. Young men are prone to violence, but of the impulsive posturing kind. Not carefully planned mass murder.

It wasn't about race. Two of the suspects where white converts to Islam.

It wasn't about poverty. The suspects where generally university educated and middle class.

It wasn't about prospects. They where part of the small group of Muslims that where highly educated and so likely to get good jobs, not the 30% that leave school without education and so end up unemployable.

It wasn't much to do with Lebanon. The planning started months before the current phase of that conflict started.

It wasn't much to do with Iraq. Where it about Iraq why suddenly increase in anger now to suicidal levels when it has been a bloody mess (Islamists being behind most of the bloodshed) for years?

It wasn't a response to any backlash following the last Islamic Terrorist attacks. Because there wasn't any, nor will there be any this time despite preemptive calls of Muslim victimhood.

All of the suspects where Muslim, and the religion of peace is one of the major terrorist causes around the world at the moment. So perhaps these Muslims where Islamists, and planning to commit an act of terrorism in the name of Islam. Just like many Islamists around the world do daily, because Islamism has it's own agenda of death and destruction unrelated to anything that happens outside it.


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